Tigers fans watch Melbourne battle with interest

Tigers fans have been watching the news about the SE Melbourne Magic and South Dragons bids to enter the NBL with interest for it has the potential to give fans a team to support in the NBL whilst the Tigers are on the sidelines.

This does not mean that Tigers fans will be buying Magic or Dragons memberships by the dozen as the majority asked in ‘Save The Melbourne Tigers’ have answered that they will wait for the Tigers to rejoin the competition instead of joining one of the two bids.

Fans have also stated strongly that they don’t mind which team gets in because they’ll get to beat Melbourne United, this could bode well for the incoming team for they will be looking to set up something special against their cross city rivals.

Tigers fans have overwhelmingly voted no to joining the CTI Melbourne United Ballers ranks with no votes recorded on the option, this does not bode well for United who are no doubt hoping those NBL fans who are supporters of the Tigers but dislike the thought of the Magic or the Dragons back in the NBL will join Melbourne United instead.

We Are Not United wishes both bids the best of luck and will be continuing to report on the outcome of their efforts when the news comes to hand.


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