Tigers fans snap up BigV memberships

Melbourne Tigers fans have started to sign up for memberships in the BigV team as the 2015 BigV season nears it’s beginning.

The Melbourne Tigers are offering a range of memberships that are financially reachable for the majority of fans with Armchair Membership being the lowest at $25 with Membership Red and Family Membership being the highest at $110, each membership level guarantees a minimum of a membership card, newsletter and a Tigers cap with those who want the higher Tigers membership levels awarded more perks.

Every purchase of a membership will bring the Tigers that little bit closer to making it’s way to the SEABL competition or other high quality competitions in 2016 as the team and it’s fans seek to be once again the top major basketball team in Melbourne.

A membership form can be downloaded by clicking on the membership form below and send it to membership@melbournebasketball.com.au or email the same address to enquire or to start the membership buying process.

11054286_10206371090586187_2960324120568234581_n 11054394_10206371090546186_668393541354667591_n


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