If the NBL falls, what happens to Melbourne?

With news that Townsville and Wollongong are in financial receivership as well as the NBL being dragged over the coals for their sloppy Awards announcements and being fairly pummeled in the press by Andrew Gaze over the above, Where will United Ballers owners Kestleman and Slepoy take Melbourne United if the NBL falls?.

Would Melbourne United go to SEABL next year and set off a potentially tense situation with Tigers fans who are rebuilding their team hoping to go to SEABL in 2016? Would they step back further and go to BigV where the original Melbourne Tigers already exist causing more angst among already angry Tigers fans? Would they put Melbourne United on ice and wait for the NBL to return to strength or would they do the unthinkable and put a torpedo into Melbourne ending 31 years of any NBL team occupying Melbourne.

Melbourne Tigers fans are no doubt watching developments with interest for it would no doubt be awkward to have the Tigers and the United Ballers in the same competition then again it could give Australian basketball that well sought after bit of spice that’s been missing for some time.

If United Ballers owners took the drastic option of renaming the team and history from Melbourne Tigers to Melbourne United (Ballers) last year in order to survive, does it mean that a withdrawal from Basketball is not impossible? Could this mean a consortium could take the license back and restore the Tigers if United’s owners have to hand it in? These are interesting times sports fans.

Meanwhile at Tigers Land, Fans are reminded that Tigers memberships for the 2015 BigV season are available by clicking on, filling in and emailing out the membership form provided in the picture below, memberships are cheap and affordable but most if not all families across Australia.

Personally this writer wishes this chaotic day would never happen to the NBL but at the moment it is starting to resemble Titanic despite all the efforts to keep it floating, it was saved once in 2009 but the fear is it won’t survive 2016 and that is a big shame.

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