NBL community largely disagrees with Gaze

Andrew Gaze’s call for the NBL to shut down for a season to fix it’s problems has been widely dismissed by the NBL, teams and fans.

Some basketball figures and newspaper publications have even suggested that Gaze’s call is company motivated for he is on the Basketball Australia board and a shutdown of the NBL would revert the rights of the competition to Basketball Australia, Basketball Australia once controlled the NBL and holds many of it’s intellectual property rights before the NBL broke free to run it’s own operations and many suspect they would be happy to see a shutdown happen.

To many Australian basketball fans, Andrew Gaze is God of Australian Basketball and his opinions are always highly regarded but fans also know that Andrew Gaze loves the NBL very much, the NBL named a medal after him, he played more two decades with the Melbourne Tigers in the competition and he even commentates on NBL games and so the thought that Andrew Gaze made such a call based on company/board desires or politics is rubbish, the man wants to save the competition for the good of the sport and the viewing public.

The NBL still has the problem of the 2014/15 potentially being a six team competition instead of the anticipated nine team competition meaning that teams will be playing each other more often and leading to a situation where marketing matches may become difficult because fans will be seeing the same teams visit too often and if one is having a great season and one isn’t that will be extremely boring.

There’s been a lot of talk about a promising future for the NBL but at the moment there is nothing but the same old chatter and little to no action, perhaps the NBL should go ask what the WNBL are doing for they seem to have great players, more teams and even less of them dying and until very recently constant TV coverage.

Instead of writing #WeAreTheNBL on Twitter, NBL fans should be tweeting #WeWantBetterNBL and the sooner it’s better NBL is delivered the better for everyone who loves the game and is sick of the losses of teams, the loss of good coverage and more.


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