The road to the NBL

September 27 2017

Aussie Hoopla mentioned the Tigers in a story about NBL expansion and while it was brief, the statement was true.

It said the Melbourne Tigers are still a long way from trying to get back into the NBL, it is true because the team has to build itself up to have the fan base, corporate and financial support needed to be in the expensive NBL.

But lets look at the positives of the Tigers efforts so far

A look at the 2017 SEABL season would show the Mens team had 7 wins, while that number is considered poor it was an improvement on 2016 which pleases the fans especially as the Men did the majority of their winning in the latter part of the season.

In Big V competition, the Tigers YCM team made the finals after winning the competition the previous season.

Tigers teams also won titles in junior basketball and so as the juniors do well it allows the senior teams to be supplied with players and as success builds so will interest.

Being fans, we must do what we can to help the Tigers out, we must attend games at MSAC and Oakleigh, we must buy memberships and we must buy merchandise when they are available.

Here is a tip for fans, sign up for Tigers updates because time to time there are special details that will enhance the game experience.

Wear your hats and shirts wherever possible during this off season, let the world know the Tigers do exist, that they are open for business and the club is very welcoming.

2018 will be better than 2016 and 2017, we can make it happen and things will continue to improve to the point we are considered worthy of throwing our hat in the ring when it comes to NBL applications.

It’s boring

September 9 2017

Off season is very boring, it seems the more years we experience off season, the worse it gets.

It is true that over the next few months the front and back yards will get worked on and looking all pretty but Saturday nights and the occasional Sunday afternoon are a little empty.

Yep definitely missing the nights and afternoons watching the stats and hoping the Tigers will win, it was such a good feeling when the Tigers started sweeping the night or afternoon.

So out comes the Nintendo Switch and hours spent playing NBA Playgrounds to pass the time, its not a bad game it is like NBA Jam but you can mix players and legends if you get their cards.

Oh why can’t 2018 come along any faster?

Tigers Roundup (15/3/17)

Last weekend saw the SEABL Mens, YCM and YCW teams in action for the first time this year.

The SEABL Mens team went to Bendigo to play the Bendigo Braves and the Albury-Wodonga Bandits in practice matches, the Tigers lost both games but it was time well spent with new players and development players getting valuable time on court.

The Tigers YCW team met Bulleen in a rematch of the 2016 Grand Final to kick off Round 1 of the YCW season and the result was a win to the Tigers just like last year.

The Tigers YCM team met 2016 Preliminary Finalists Eltham and whilst Eltham gave the Tigers a scare in the last quarter, the Tigers came away with the win to start their premiership defense on the right note.

Tigers Fans will be delighted to know that memberships are now available to buy from the Tigers website, the memberships appears to allow PayPal payment so could entice those who use it to sign up.

We’ll be back with a new Tigers Roundup soon.


Tigers Quick Facts

  1. The Melbourne Tigers aren’t dead
  2. The club in operation is the original Tigers (est. 1931)
  3. The NBL club known as United is pretty much the son of the club
  4. Andrew Gaze is head coach of the Mens SEABL Club
  5. Tigers also have a Womens team in SEABL from this year (2017)
  6. Home Games are mostly played at MSAC and some are played at Oakleigh
  7. The Tigers Junior Program is thriving
  8. The Tigers won the YCM and YCW titles last year
  9. The club is active on social media from Facebook to Instagram
  10. The club will have 2017 memberships available soon
  11. SEABL season starts for the Tigers on April 1
  12. Tigers play the Spectres and Supercats this coming SEABL season
  13. Before playing with the Kings, Bo Liu plied his trade with the Tigers
  14. Brian Goorjian is a Tigers supporter having played for them before coaching various clubs
  15. Kevin Bartlett is also a Tigers supporter and promotes them when possible
  16. Tigers fans hope United gives the club their professional IP back

SEABL 2017 Schedule Released

There was good news for Melbourne Tigers fans today as the schedule for the 2017 SEABL season was released for everyone to look at.

The Tigers have to wait until Round 2 to play but the good news is that the season will open with a double header as the SEABL Womens team debut against the Geelong Supercats and the Mens team take on Sandringham at MSAC.

The action starts on April 1 from 5:30pm so make sure Tigers fans you have that date memorised and make your way down to MSAC to watch not only the team start their season but also watch the debut of the Womens team in this exciting era for the Tigers.

The Tigers will be playing 12 home games this year with some of the games being played at Oakleigh due to MSAC being unavailable so there is plenty of opportunity to see the Tigers in their natural habitat and to also be among friends.

To view the season fixture, please click on the link below

Tigers Roundup

Fans flock to story on Jock

For a handful of games this year, Tigers fans got to see big Jock Perry in action before he jetted off to the United States to play College Basketball.

Tigers fans dearly wished he could of stayed with the Tigers for the entire SEABL season as the Tigers were exposed for height after his departure and there’s now a big desire for a Jock Perry like player for season 2017, His impact in his matches was such that he was in SEABL’s Top 10 for Rebounds with an average of nearly nine rebounds per game.

Now he is at SMC in the US and will soon be watched by the NBA scouts which is a feat that has gotten the attention of Channel Nine and Basketball fans as the news service filed a story on him before Jock left Australia.

Rebuilding Our Melbourne Tigers post on the story has been seen by over 6,000 people and it continues to rise.

St Mary’s knows all about Australian Basketball as the St Mary’s Gaels blog has reported on former SMC players in SEABL as well as stories on Kate Gaze and others such as former NBL Tigers Patty Mills, Lucas Walker and Daniel Kickert.

SEABL players who have been to SMC include Garrett Jackson, Ben Allen, Desmond Simmons, Rob Jones (former Tigers SEABL player) and Lucas Walker.

It’s going to be interesting to see how Jock fares in his first season at SMC for sure.

Tigers fans now looking trendy

For months Tigers fans have been seeing Tigers players and staff in nice looking Tigers shirts and wondered when it was their turn to get to wear similar stuff.

That time has now arrived with the Tigers offering fans two sorts of Hoodies and a t-shirt like the one below that features in the Tigers shop.

Not including postage, T-Shirts are $19.50 and the Hoodies are $35 and $40 with the $40 Hoodie being a Seniors one that has red on the inside for the added coolness and all items do come in a variety of sizes as well.

All items are express posted so you’ll get them in no time and look very good down the street wherever you are right around Australia.


State of the Tigers

There is a feeling of great excitement among Melbourne Tigers fans as the team has been flexing it’s muscles in recent weeks with a steady stream of announcements and developments making their way into fans hands with some of those announcements and developments listed below.

Daryl Corletto and Rhys Carter are both Tigers
– Mark Bradkte is working with the Tigers
Tigers girls teams are doing well
Memberships are being snapped up
– All Tigers teams are hard at work with training
Tigers Facebook page likes are over 400
–  Tigers Twitter account is in full operation
Tigers are now on Instagram

Some Basketball fans in the UK are rudely celebrating Daryl Corletto signing with the Tigers (which comes into effect after the BBL season) but it is their loss as Daryl has been leading scoring in the British Basketball League and his return to Melbourne is to a place where he is loved and respected by the fans.

The Tigers are now everywhere on social media and this will benefit fans who can get their Tigers fix from Facebook to Twitter and stay informed in the process as last year news was hard to come by.

There has never been a better time to be a Tigers fan or rediscover the passion of being a Tigers fans, with the NBL season winding down there is no reason why numbers of fans should not increase across the board and that is nothing less than a good thing for the team.

Rise of the Tigers

Just over a week ago, Public information on the Tigers SEABL plans was as barren as a Desert for there was no news of who is going to wear the famous club colours this coming SEABL season.

Suddenly Tigers GM Nigel Purchase went on to SEN as he usually does to talk Basketball with Kevin Bartlett and Nigel gave Tigers fans the names of first two Tigers SEABL heroes one of them had the familiar name of Daryl Corletto.

Yes Daryl is coming back from the UK and home to the Tigers and fans response was positive as he was a well respected NBL Tiger, make sure Tigers fans you give him a great welcome by tweeting him at @DarylCorletto.

The announcement of Daryl’s return to Australia’s sporting capital was swiftly followed by news of the signings of well regarded players Jock Perry, Patrick Bines and Bailey Griffiths followed by further big news that Sydney Kings star Rhys Carter put his signature to signing papers and is a Tiger too.

That’s not all the news from the Tigers, the Tigers have a Twitter account for the Tigers Senior Program as well as news of a website coming for the Seniors and membership details will be unveiled which will satisfy fans as demand for memberships grow by the day.

January is almost over Tigers fans and that means we only have to get through February and March then it is Tigers time in Melbourne and what a sight that will be.

Go Tigers!

Tigers hunt for Slogan

The Melbourne Tigers are looking for a slogan and you the Basketball fan have the opportunity to create it and forever be part of history.

It’s the 85th year of the Tigers existence and with the team now on the verge of playing SEABL Basketball the time is right to come up with something that fits with how the Tigers have stood and how they are standing now.

Already there is suggestions such as ‘Our City, Our Jungle’, ‘The Return of the Roar’ and ‘Hear Us Roar!!!’ and there is no doubt there is more out there for you the reader to make.

Email your suggestions to as soon as possible for the Tigers to consider your suggestions.