Save The Melbourne Tigers group restructures for Tigers comeback

Facebook group ‘Save The Melbourne Tigers’ is restructuring itself in an effort to be of more assistance to the Tigers consortium now and into the future.

The group will be changing it’s membership criteria to allow more fans to become part of the group while the group will also be updating it’s behavioral standards by encouraging fans to forget about venting anger and frustration at Melbourne United and their fans, while this is not an easy thing to do giving Melbourne United and their fans their space could have benefits for the future.

This encouragement does not signal capitulation for Tigers fans are asked to work towards getting the Melbourne Tigers ready for an upcoming SEABL or BigV campaign as well as following the various junior teams so they become well known to Basketball fans.

Tigers fans are still awaiting more news on the SEABL plan but are confident that progress will be made and more news will become available shortly as the clock ticks down to the release of the fixture for the next SEABL season.


United respond to Tigers building plans

Melbourne United have responded to the plans by a consortium aiming to restore the Melbourne Tigers to the highest levels of Basketball by repeating that they own the name and history to the proud club.

Melbourne United CEO Vince Crivelli was at first open to a new Melbourne Tigers by saying;

 ‘I think the board and (United owners) Larry (Kestelman) and Michael (Slepoy) would listen to anything – they want to see the game thrive’

Things suddenly taken a turn with Crivelli seemingly extinguishing any feelings of goodwill by next saying the following.

“I’d love to see an NBL team come in and match our funding of Basketball Victoria,” he said.

“We genuinely see ourselves as the organisation who are here to serve the game of basketball at NBL level.

“That is why it is ‘Melbourne United’ as opposed to Melbourne Tigers and its one team for all of Melbourne to get behind.”

The Age newspaper reports that United’s hold of the Tigers name in semi professional sport is a gray area and both sides are negotiating on the release which appears to be a contradiction of Crivelli’s comments unless Vince Crivelli was talking about the NBL name which is professional basketball compared to SEABL’s semi professional state.

Melbourne Tigers are understandably curious about why Kestelman, Slepoy and Crivelli did not fund Basketball Victoria when the team was the Melbourne Tigers and waited until they were a new entity to do so, it is a question that will most likely never receive an answer and will leave Tigers fans no doubt wondering what else was held back in the 2013/14 NBL season.

Tigers fans are confident that the Melbourne Tigers once they are in SEABL and are making good business will be able to match or beat Melbourne United’s contribution to SEABL and show that Melbourne United is not the lone voice in the state of affairs of Victorian basketball.

Melbourne Tigers fans are now eagerly awaiting announcements on ways that they can participate in helping the club get it’s SEABL plans underway while calling on Larry Kestelman and Michael Slepoy to be reasonable by negotiating fairly with the Tigers consortium to hand over the name and history at an affordable price so the SEABL journey can begin without problems and the expected to be slow going NBL buildup can start simultaneously as well.

Tigers expansion plans now public

Melbourne Tigers fans woke up this morning to the news that all the speculation about the long road towards return of the Melbourne Tigers to the NBL is true and the work to make it happen is underway, the Tigers will not be in the NBL for a couple of years for finances will need to be secured to make a re-entry possible but the team will make every effort to get there.

Nigel Purchase and Andrew Gaze were both talked to on SEN during the day with Nigel\s appearance on SEN’s ‘Hungry for Sport’ available at while Andrew’s appearance of SEN’s ‘Harf Time’ is available at

The Melbourne Tigers are planning to have a team compete in SEABL which is considered by many to be equal or superior to the NBL before the team either expands or returns solely to the NBL, it is hoped that by going the SEABL route the Tigers return to the NBL will be successful from the resumption of the team’s 30 year existence in the league.

Melbourne Tigers will also be working to provide women the opportunity to play for the famed club in the WNBL, the Tigers entry into the WNBL would no doubt provide a boost to the league which has enjoyed success over the last couple of years compared to the struggles of the NBL.

Tigers fans are encouraged to keep their eyes and ears open in the coming weeks and months as more details will come to hand and there is no doubt now that fans will be eager to participate in any move to make the Tigers return happen sooner rather than later.

What is the definition of a fan?

What is a fan? A fan can be something that cools you down or it means that you support or follow a team or a band or some organization.

A frequent argument between United fans and Tigers fans has been the subject of membership with some United fans blaming Melbourne Tigers fans for not buying enough memberships and not attending enough games while proclaiming they had membership for years and attended every game.

Not every fan has a credit card and some don’t have the finances (like at this current economic moment) to pay off memberships if they do have a credit card, some people live too far away to make use of the membership options and some had no clue what was on offer and let’s face it finding out such things can be a problem if you don’t know where to look or know how to do what is needed to fill in online forms but regardless of the above situations those who cannot get membership are no less of a fan than somebody with membership.

The same can go for Merchandise, some people can afford every new item while some still use jerseys and items from previous seasons sometimes because they love what they’ve got and others because they can’t just go out and buy something new unless they want to fall a little behind bills or go a little hungry for a week or two but no matter what you have, you are no more or less a fan than the next person.

To this writer a fan is somebody who follows their team through the good times and the bad, every fan is treated equally no matter if they have membership or not, no matter if they’ve attended a hundred games or haven’t been to one before, no matter if they’ve been a fan for 30 years or 5 years, every person who supports a team like the Melbourne Tigers is an equal.

Tigers fans are standing taller

Tigers fans have had a rough couple of weeks watching teams in the NBL go about the season without them and while it has been shattering it has also been enlightening as Tigers fans understand how Magic, Giants, Supercats, Dragons and Titans fans had felt and still feel when the NBL went on without them.

Fans of the teams named above have been mostly supportive although some have given Tigers fans the ha-ha message feeling the end of the Tigers is well deserved but Tigers fans have found inspiration from the fans of the teams who are fighting to get back into Basketball and now Tigers fans are eager to follow suit and get back into the Basketball spirit.

The talk around the grand city of Melbourne is that the Tigers will be making a comeback to big time basketball in the future, it is true that a comeback will involve long and potentially costly negotiation with name owners Kestleman and Slepoy in the case they feel any expansion from the VJBL and BigV teams that the original Tigers have may intrude on the Intellectual Property of the NBL Tigers name, history and material that they own.

If the tangled mess of who can have what be sorted then could we be seeing the Tigers in competitions like SEABL and the NBL plus break new ground by having a team in the WNBL in the not too distant future? Tigers fans certainly think so and hope that the fans and Tigers legends combine together with Big and Small Business to make that happen for the good of the sport not just for Melbourne but for Australia as well.

Is SEABL a good idea or a bad idea?

The idea of the Melbourne Tigers going to SEABL before getting back into the NBL has been widely thought of, some may think that SEABL is a step backwards because the NBL to be the top league in Australia but on the other hand many believe that SEABL is superior to the NBL and is not top dogs because it has no television deal in place that could catapult it into the public’s consciousness.

While the crowds may be smaller, the amount of teams in SEABL tower over the NBL giving truth to the saying that ‘competition breeds improvement’ for the Tigers would learn plenty from SEABL before going back to the NBL, time in SEABL could also allow the Tigers to build up finances in order to re-establish itself in the top NBL teams when a return happens.

Another possibility could be that the Tigers could exist in both SEABL and the NBL as well as BigV and the VJBL becoming one big franchise so the public can see the Tigers basically anytime and anywhere knowing that players will give it their all every time in every league.

Whatever happens it is exciting times for Tigers fans even if it doesn’t look like much is happening, fans are taking a fresh look at everything to find an outcome that will bring the Tigers roaring back into Basketball while breaking free from Melbourne United and letting the two teams stand apart.

Keep on roaring Tigers fans.

NBL2KMOD a massive hit

Tigers fans have been snapping up copies of NBA2K13 in order to play NBL2KMOD which is a modification that allows NBA2K13 users play as the Melbourne Tigers plus any of the league’s title winning teams, classic teams and the 2015 league lineup as well, players have racked up wins against teams such as Melbourne United (Ballers) and the SE Melbourne Magic but have also sustained losses to those teams as well which makes it more enjoyable as revenge is always sought after a loss.

Fans of the Giants, Titans, Magic, Supercats, Dragons, Saints and Spectres are no doubt playing as their heroes while getting the urge like Tigers fans to get their teams back into the league so they can strive for NBL glory for real.


Why I am a Tigers fan

Why am I a Tigers fan? It all started around 1992 when I was six and Victoria was a pretty sad place, the state was running out of money, Government lacked purpose, Victorian football was under siege and the only great thing going for the state was Basketball, we had the SE Melbourne Magic, Melbourne Tigers, North Melbourne Giants and Geelong Supercats all going for NBL glory and that year it was the Magic who won the grand prize.

But while I was interested in Big M I wasn’t into the Magic, I wasn’t interested being a Giant or a Supercat, I wanted to be a Melbourne Tiger because something about the Tigers looked so good, they were fit, strong and tall and I felt that I could follow them anywhere and a year later a great thing happened, The Tigers stole the title from Perth on their home turf when Vlahov’s shot did everything but go in the net and Andrew Gaze was fouled moments later which enabled him to score to make sure Perth couldn’t beat them, Melbourne and the state of Victoria were back and you couldn’t avoid the NBL for it was everywhere, I loved shopping at K Mart and I loved drinking Australia’s Choice and I can still remember that whistled tune in the ads while jerseys with numbers #6, #8, #10, #21, #25 and #50 were being worn everywhere.

More glory followed as the Magic, Tigers and Giants all won titles and it was sweet when the Tigers won their second then suddenly everything went downhill, The Supercats were booted, The Giants and Magic were merged only to go for good within a few short years and then the media started to pay less attention and soon the days of finding NBL information easily were replaced by small columns in the paper and the Tigers were fighting to stay around as the financial crisis hit them too but they managed to hang on.

The 2000’s started slowly but when the Gaze era came to an end their replacements stood up and it was high time once again for the Tigers, two titles and a couple of runner ups in the last half of the decade put the team back into public focus and a team called South Dragons came and threatened the Tigers by default reign as top of Victorian Basketball but soon after the Dragons took a title from us the league was on life support and the Dragons went and the Tigers almost did too but decided to stay in the NBL.

Basketball Australia took over and slowly Basketball was more accessible which was good for me because I was sick of scratching around for news ever since Mr Groves crashed the Brisbane Bullets taking away Brisbane’s excuse to majorly cover the NBL in the local papers apart from the small print of the scores and maybe the odd success by the Crocs and Taipans.

I read with horror later on when the team owner overstepped his boundaries and sacked our equally most successful coach and a prized import although prized is often debated it is true that imports are held in high regard, I relaxed when the owner sold up and two new owners came in and then in 2013/14 Chris Goulding started racking up scores that reminded people of the performances of Andrew Gaze as attention was once again on Basketball and then we finally made the finals again and I thought going into 2014 that the Tigers were on a roll forward again but on May 19 2014 I was shocked to read rumours that the Tigers would be gone the next day, I thought the Tigers were going to be one of the consistent facts of life just like Births, Deaths and Taxes but two people and their staff didn’t believe so and thousands of people including myself had no Tigers to follow in the NBL.

Now I am homeless in the NBL but I believe it won’t be for long, I won’t be a Baller (United) and while I like what the Wildcats do I won’t be watching them forever for I have the belief the Tigers will make the long road back to the NBL, the name will be ours, the history will be ours and the hunt for a fifth title will start again.

Why are you a Tigers fan?

United eaten by hungry Crocodiles

After almost a week of praise being lavished upon Melbourne United after defeating the New Zealand Breakers, it was time for the team to play against the Townsville Crocodiles, United were favorites after their performance against the Breakers but the Crocodiles were ready for United and had a 16 point lead at quarter time, Melbourne narrowed the gap to 10 points at half time and were at one point within three points before Townsville steadied to draw the third quarter and outscored United by one point in the last to win 92 to 81.

Melbourne United confused fans by publishing the news of the loss accompanied by a picture showing United won 92-81 with the post staying up for 15 minutes before being removed and a new post made with the corrected score as you will see in this article.

Sunday November 2 brings the Wollongong Hawks to Hisense Arena to take on United and people will no doubt be wondering what United side will show up, will it be the one that demolished the Breakers or will it be the one who lost to twice to Cairns and tonight to Townsville? An even bigger question is will United have a big paying crowd or will they stay away like they did against the Breakers?.

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Emailed letters to Crivelli, United Owners goes unanswered

Melbourne Tigers fans email to Melbourne United CEO Vince Crivelli asking him to read letters addressed to him and Melbourne United’s owners has not been answered, this has been expected by some fans even though the message was polite and diplomatic in seeking a solution to the problem that has divided Basketball fans across Australia, the letter was also posted on this blog and passed around on Twitter hoping for Basketball reporters to pick it up.

Tigers fans will be delighted that a Tweet carrying the blog form of the letter was favourited by Lanard Copeland and we are extremely grateful for that, the letter will continue to be passed around until somebody in the media or Melbourne United reads it and attempts to answer the plea to let the Melbourne Tigers name and history be in somebody else’s hands to enable a future return to the NBL either by straight return or a slower return via SEABL or BigV.